How The Fresh Meal Co Works.

Everything you need to know to get the best prepared meals delivered to your door as well as in-store pickup.

1: Selection

Explore our menu of freshly prepared, delicious and nutritious meals and order your selection by Wednesday 9pm for local delivery that same week on Saturday.

2: Preparation

Once you've ordered your selection of prepared meals, Our team of chefs do the prep work which means no more chopping, measuring, or sink full of dishes!

3: Delivery

We take the upmost care in your prepared meals and prepare them the day before delivery and then ensure they arrive on your doorstep before 5pm Saturday.

Order Minimums & Delivery Details

There is a purchase minimum of 5 meals priced above $5.99, plus a $10.00 delivery fee for any delivery. Orders above $200 receive free delivery. We do not have a purchase minimum for pick up.

The Fresh Meal Co. Offers home delivery on Saturdays of every week across most of Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey and Deleware.

More Important Information

The Fresh Co. is a gourmet health food company that provides specialty catering for the health conscious individual.  We provide nutritious meals based on your metabolic dietary needs and food preferences.  We customize the meals tailored towards revving up your metabolism.

Unfortunately no, there is no customization of any signature entrée. The meals are as is and there is no substituting.

A regular portion is based on 2-3oz of protein, ½ cup of carbohydrates and 1 serving of vegetables while the Diesel portion is based on 4-6oz of protein, 1 cup of carbs and 1 serving of vegetables.

Our Prepared meals last for 5 days so long as they are properly refrigerated at under 41°F. or lower. Our meals last 4 weeks in the freezer.

Because our main focus is delivering, high quality prepared meals, we do not offer any personalized nutrition services. That being said, we work with many different specialists throughout PA, NJ, DE, and would be happy to send referrals.

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